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Connecting people and places by improving public transportation

Thank you for your interest in improving public transportation in Washington County. We want to hear what public transportation improvements you’d like to see in the next two to five years.

Washington County in partnership with Ride Connection Inc. need your help to update our Transit Development Plan to meet the public transportation needs of those living, working and visiting Washington County.

The Transit Development Plan lists near and longer-term public transportation priorities for:

  • Service for areas outside TriMet, SMART district
  • Connect rural communities to the urban area
  • First/last leg connections within district

The Plan meets Oregon Department of Transportation Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund eligibility requirements to:

  • Provide public transportation services to low-income areas.
  • Coordinate between public transportation service providers to improve connections.
  • Provide public transportation services for students in grades 9-12

What improvements will help you, your family, clients or employees get to work, school, shopping, medical appointments or social activities? We will use the results of this survey to help the Washington County‘s Transit Committee develop recommendations to our Board of Commissioners to prioritize public transportation projects for the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF).   

This open house was active from July 25-August 31, 2022. Information on this website may no longer be current. Email us for more information.